cant get erection

hello guys!welcome to natural cure tips. our today's topic is about,which 5 hobbies are effecting our sexual health, even penis size also. 1st. you are not doing exercise. men who exercise more have better erectile,and sexual function. in the study, nearly 300 men self-reportedtheir activity levels, which researchers categorized as sedentary, mildly active, moderately active,or highly active. the participants also self-reported the qualityand extent of their sexual function, including their ability to have erections, orgasm andthe quality and frequency of their erections.

the results�published in the journal ofsexual medicine�showed that men who reported more frequent exercise (about 18 metabolicequivalents or mets per week; or the equivalent of 2 hours of strenuous exercise like runningor swimming; 3.5 hours of moderate exercise; or 6 hours of light exercise) had higher sexualfunction scores. conversely, men who exercised less, reportedlower levels of sexual function 2nd. smoking. nix the nicotine. a british journal of urology study of 65 men,enrolled in an 8-week �quit program�, were brought in for erectile testing beforethe quit date, halfway through the program,

and one month after the program�s conclusion. twenty percent of the participants confessedto having erectile dysfunction, and by the end, 75 percent of these men who stayed nicotine-freehad wider, firmer erections and reached maximum sexual arousal, effectively diminishing theirerectile dysfunction. 3rd. short on sleeping. a 2011 study from the university of chicago,even found that men who get less than five hours of sleep a night for a week, significantlylower testosterone levels, than those, who get about 7-9 hours of sleep. your hormone levels can drop to that of someone15 years older.

so it means, sleep time below 5 hours, causelower sperms quality and quantity. 4th. skimping on watermelon a 2008 texas a&m university, study found aningredient, in watermelon, called citrulline-arginine, helps relax blood vessels, by boosting nitricoxide in the same manner, as viagra�effectively treating erectile dysfunction, and maybe evenpreventing it. 5th. you're eating too much junk in short, junk food is bad for your junk. a 2011 harvard study found that men, who indulgein processed foods high in trans fats (cookies,

cakes, chocolate, chips, and fried and processedfoods) had poorer-quality sperm, than those!

cant get erection

who followed a healthy diet . i hope you will try to get rid of these habitsfor making your sexual power more. please subscribe my channel, i will come backwith new information. till that time,take care, and good bye.