erectile dysfunction treatments

>> steve: nope. >> will: double nope. >> steve: so much nope that i’m callingthis nopefed. i’m steve zaragoza, >> will: and i’m william haynes. >> steve: and this is nopefed [music] >> steve: man don’t you hate it when youbuy groceries and you get home and your bananas are covered with the eggs of one of the mostpoisonous and aggressive spiders in the whole world?

>> will: if i had a dollar for every timethat happened to me i’d say “no thanks i already have a dollar”. but it actuallydid happen. the spider in question? the brazilian wandering spider. the location of the incident,colchester england. the victim, abby woodgate. >> steve: abby initially thought her nanaswere moldy. but after poking the spots, it turns out the “mold” was egg pouches.the pouch then split open covering her floor in spider eggs. nope! fuck. nopenopenope. >> will: the woman was then told my pest controlexperts that she would have to burn anything that had come into contact with the spidereggs, as the spiders are highly venomous. according to the guardian, at deadly concentrations,the venom causes loss of muscle control and

breathing problems, resulting in paralysisand eventual asphyxiation. >> steve: why! why do these things exist?what did we do to deserve these hellish demons on this planet?! so, abby vacuumed up theeggs, and then promptly incinerated the vacuum cleaner, along with the remaining bananas.and in case you’re thinking, and don’t live in england, “hey, this was in england,these spiders can’t get to me!” think again! the brazilian wandering spider, sometimescalled “banana spider” has a tendency to hide in banana bunches and is occasionallyfound as a stowaway within shipments… also, fyi, the spider is being used by scientistsfor use in erectile dysfunction treatments. because, quote, “the spider’s bite cancause an erection that sometimes lasts for

erectile dysfunction treatments

up to four hours.” wow this story took areal sexy turn. >> will: so what did we learn today? neverbuy bananas again, and some spider bites will make you go all night. >> steve: so what’s the worst thing you’vefound in your groceries let us know!