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peyronies disease is you know curvaturesome men have natural curvature some men have had trauma happen to the penis um... they might miss in sex and that mightcause a bend in their penis that might happen to some people that is calledpeyronies disease and um... penis enlargement you know when ifirst got into it i was working with a gentlemen who was actually older he washe was in his late sixties and he had very very bad peyronies disease a hugecurved and i became obsessed with you

know coming up with exercises to try and change it for him and it's amazing because he sent mepictures month after month as he changed the curve, he straightened hispenis and he went from having a penis that was four and a half incheswith the band when he straightened it he said he was back to a seven-inch penis and able to have sex with his wifemultiple times a day in this is a much

erection pump

older guy so yes you can create you cancreate a curve or you can correct a curve it will work either way for me iwanted an upward curve so i have methods to showyou how you can actually

create curvature or take a curvature away.