testosterone deficiency

low free testosterone symptoms hi guys i would like to highlight the symptoms of low freetestosterone and discuss the main symptoms that menmainly in their mid-thirties onwards can expect to experience if they have low t although i must add it's not just men intheir thirties it can also surprisingly affect youngermen in their early twenties even late teens the male body

and female for that matter equally require natural testosterone it's just in different quantities with women typically requiring betweenjust five and ten percent of a normal healthy mans testosterone level regardless of the cause of lowtestosterone and check this video out for the causesof low testosterone here's a link the symptoms are the same and here arethe top ten symptoms of low free testosterone in men

guys remember these symptoms can slowly creepup on you you may have had them for a while but stillnot attribute it to low t if you've been feeling off for a while andrecognizing the symptoms in yourself go to your doctor and get your testosterone levels checkedout number one poor libido or maybe justhaven't been thinking about sex as frequently as you used to it may not just be a natural ageing thing. number two indecisiveness and apathy

number three depression anxiety brain fog and poorconcentration number four feeling hot flashes or can't be bothered everything takestoo much effort number 5 loss of muscle and strength despite training at the gym regularly number six weight gain are you putting on beef around yourabdomen

number seven joint aches and pains number eight facial hair will grow a lot more slowlyor a decrease in hair number nine feeling tired and run down all thetime number ten poor quality of sleep if you feel that i have hit the nail onthe head with the symptoms then please

don't delay get yourself checked out go seeyour doctor if you would like to find out more check out this channel fight low testosterone or visit

testosterone deficiency

mytestosteronetherapy.com most importantly guys stay strong and stay healthy